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Welcome to Prashant's Virtual Home!

Prashant Verma.

About my EHome

Hello, my name is Prashant Ranjan Verma and I created this website for sharing my thoughts and creations. I have been facinated by the power of the internet and decided to take a plunge in this never ending seemless ocean of knowledge.

Value of Internet:
Most expect to find key information online
Most find the information they seek
Many now turn to the Internet first

On this website

The main sections of this website are-
About Me:
This section has information about me and my work.
My Blog:
I speak my mind here, my beliefs, my comments on contemporary issues and dreams for my country and myself.
Just for Fun!
I am posting great jokes, funny pictures and interesting articles on this page. Visit this page when you have free time.
In this section you can find the templates and articles that I have created. I also plan to add my favourite tools in this section soon. The Cheque Printing Templates and the Railway Reservation Form printer which was available on the NAB Delhi website earlier is now here. I have put up my tutorials on Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and Internet.
Photo Gallery:
Sorry, this is a private section and requires a username and password for viewing. If you really want to see them, then send me your request.
Guest Book:
Please do leave your comment about me or my website on this page.

Coming soon

I am preparing both audio and video tutorials for accomplishing common tasks on the computer in Hindi. I hope to make it simple and usable for the blind and low vision.
Do visit my other website, My EHome
where visually impaired persons can create
their own website. Lot of advice and tips & tools are
also available for creating your free website.

Disclaimer: I have put together content prepared by me or compiled them from sources availabel in the public domain. Where ever necessary, I have acknowledge the original source/creator. If you find any anamaly, please point out the mistake and I will take the corrective action.