This template has been designed for filling up Bank Cheques by printing the information on them using standard printers.


It is very simple to use. Open the ChequePrinter, just TAB around, type in the required information and give a print command. The blank cheque will have to be placed in the printer. This template will then print the information on the right places on the blank cheque. You will have to make a test print on a blank sheet to find out how the cheque will have to be placed in the printer. For example in HP top loading laser printers, the cheque will have to be placed in the printer in such a way that the field where amount in figures is to be written goes into the printer first.


If you get the following message, click “YES”.


“Microsoft Word Dialog

The margins of section 1 are set outside the printable area of the page.  Do you want to continue?

Yes  No  “


This is a form designed in Microsoft Word and saved as a Document Template. It is convenient to use because most people are familiar with MS Word. It is also very accessible as you get prompts for each field and you can access further help by pressing the F1 key.


The information to be typed are

·       Date
- This field will take only numbers in the date format such as 09.06.06 or 09/06/2006

·       Name of Payee
- Type the name of the person or the company/organization   to whom payment is to be made. There is sufficient space for typing long names also as this field can take up to 100 characters. There won’t be any problem in printing even if the name breaks into two lines.

·       Amount in figures
- This is the field for typing amount in figures. It can take upto 14 digits. This field will take only numbers and format then to 2 decimal places.

·       Amount in words
- This field is for typing the amount in words. It will take a maximum of 120 characters.


By default the cheque will be crossed. If crossing is not required, you will have to DELETE the words ”A/c Payee Only” from the cheque template using the DEL/BACKSPACE keys.


If you are not sure where the focus is on the ChequePrinter, you can read the Status Bar or press F1.


This template can be easily modified for cheques of any bank. A different version which also saves the entries can be made available on request. A signature guide has also been prepared and can be modified for any cheque.


Please forward your comments so that I can improve these templates further.


Prashant Ranjan Verma