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Gifts for you

I will keep adding to the list given below. Hope you find these useful!

Tutorial on using advanced features of the Symbian mobile phones with NUANCE TALKS

I worked with Saksham to launch a one day training on using the Nuance Talks enabled phones to the maximum. See details on my blog.

Download the Tutorial for Training on accessible mobile applications

Download the Registration Form

Currency Identification solution for the blind

I have attempted to create a solution for the problem of identification of various Indian Rupee notes faced by visually impaired persons. I have designed two devices and named them Rupee Checker Signature Guide and Rupee Check Wallet. Starting 14 December 2011 this sulution is available through Saksham, Delhi.

Given below are links to their manual and hurriedly prepared audio descriptions. They are available in a package consisting of 1 Rupee Checker Signature Guide, 2 Rupee Check Wallet and their English manual in Braille. The cost of this pack is Rs. 30.

Check out their brief manual in English (36 kb DOC file)

Rupee Checker audio tutorial in Hindi (6.8 MB MP3 file)

Rupee Check Wallet audio tutorial in Hindi (3.4 MB MP3 file)

If you use them then please do not forget to give your feedback to Saksham or comment in my Guest Book.

Talking Microwave Oven - CookMagic Manual

Read about this accessible kitchen appliance for the visually impaired on My Blog. You can download CookMagic Manual in RTF format here.

Cheapest Mobile with accessibility features for the blind

I discovered this phone on 27 August 2009. Already this created a lot of enthusiasm among many. I am sending dozens of this mobile to friends all over India. Check out "My Blog" for more details on this. You can also watch the videos listed below and download the manual.

Video 1

You can choose to play this video by clicking the Play/Pause button in the player shown below or Play video 1 on YouTube by clicking this link. You will have to press the BACK BUTTON for coming back to this website.

Video 2

Play video 2 by clicking the Play/Pause button in the player shown below or Play video 2 on YouTube by clicking this link. You will have to press the BACK BUTTON for coming back to this website.

Download the scanned version of the phone manual

Cheque Printing Templates

New: Template for the CTS2010 cheques: All banks are in the process of issuing CTS compliant cheques. These cheques are supposed to be similar in size and layout across all banks. Theoritically the cheque printing template created for one bank should work for all other banks who issue CTS cheque books. I have created and tested CTS cheque templates for ICICI, SBI, HDFC and Union Bank. These may work for new CTS cheques of other banks too.
I had created these templates for enabling visually impaired people use bank cheques. I had seen that blind persons however techy they may be, had to depend upon sighted assistance for writing their bank account cheques. Apart from dependence, reliability is often an issue in these cases. I wanted to provide a solution which was very simple and did not require any learning. And this is how the templates were created. For more information read the Read Me file.

In the last few years, I have received dozens and dozens of emails regarding this and to my pleasant surprise, I found that they are being used by a greater number of non-disabled persons and in many far off countries as well.

This template has been designed for filling up Bank Cheques by printing the information on them using standard printers. It is very simple to use. Open the ChequePrinter, just TAB around, type in the required information and give a print command. The blank cheque will have to be placed in the printer....

The following templates are currently available for download. Please note that at times cheque formats of the same bank are different in different regions and keep changing with time. In such cases the templates will need modification. You can send me a request for the same.

Railway Reservation Form Printing Template

This was also created for convenience of the visually impaired. This template created in Microsoft Word allows you to print the Railways Reservation Form. Open this template file, move around using the TAB key, and fill in the information. Then place a blank paper in the printer and give a print command. The printed form will resemble the form you get at the reservation counter in terms of layout and the requisitioned information. This form contains all the fields provided on the form printed by the railways.

Download Railway Reservation Form Template and the Read Me file.

Railway Concession Form

A printable version of this form is available for download here.

Download Railway Concession Form Image

Use of Assistive Technologies - a presentation

Contains useful information and links to resources and videos.

"Download the Powerpoint Presentation


Microsoft Word Step by Step
All common MS Word features have been explained with the help of keyboard commands. Even though this tutorial was created for a older version of MS Word, most of it is still relevant today.

Excel Made Simple
This is one of my favourites.

Do visit my other website, My EHome
where visually impaired persons can create
their own website. Lot of advice and tips & tools are
also available for creating your free website.