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Zagreb, Croatia
January 2010


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I had a memorable trip to this wonderful city. I was told that the minimum temprature was in the range of -5 degrees and this worried me a bit because this was going to be my first trip to such a cold region. However when I reached there I found out that due to the heating arrangements in all the buildings it was not at all difficult to survive in difficult weather. I had no health problems and enjoyed my stay.

This was a diffirent type of assignment where I was required to train only two visually impaired persons. The training was therefore a one-to-one affair and we got to know each other very well. The Croatian Library for the Blind has wonderful facilities for its members.

The food was not really to my liking and therefore when I discovered an Indian restaurant I went there for food. A boy from Meerut was running the Kitchen there and was extremely pleased to meet someone from India. I had gone out for Lunch with the trainees a few times where I did enjoy different types of fish.

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